What's the point of a Brand Book?

Whether your brand is about to take its first steps into the wild or it's fully fledged and has been around for years, it might seem like a brand book is just creating work for yourself. But every single game, studio, tournament and publisher brand benefits hugely from a clear definition of what it is and how it expresses itself.

Candy Crush brand book cover

The process of gathering and editing content for your Brand Book is an incredibly useful exercise in itself. It triggers important conversations within your team about how to define and present yourselves. As you crystalise your brand, watch your team unite under a single shared vision.

Here are six solid reasons you need a Brand Book...


From defining its heart… What’s different about us? What do we stand for? How do we want our audience to feel?

To locking down the nuts and bolts… What are our brand colours? What type of language do we use? What do we look for in partnerships?

Creating a brand book sets the fundamentals of your brand in stone.


Being consistent in style, tone, quality and voice across every touchpoint of your brand allows you to set and maintain a very high standard. It gives your team and your audience confidence, and is vital to brand recognition.

A stack of three pages from the Lost Records Bloom and Rage brand book


Rules are good! They enable creativity rather than restrict it. A good brand book’s ambition is to inspire, providing a strong platform that opens up innovation in every direction and motivating everyone who works with your brand to do their very best work.

Align Values

Your team may think you are aligned in your unspoken brand vision but when individually asked to voice it this may not be the case! Get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. It makes all of your comms and marketing more professional and so much more effective.

A stack of three pages from the Love and Pies brand book

Encourage Collaboration

The document should be an easy to use tool for your whole company. A clearly defined identity gives people the confidence to bring their ideas to the table. Brand books are also a great way to onboard new partners and employees.

Boost Efficiency

Supplying assets, colours, fonts and a logo family with clear rules means no one goes rogue with your brand! Embedded links direct users to a master set of brand assets so they can get their hands on the right logo first time.

A stack of three pages from the Vegas Infinite brand book

Whether you are launching a new brand or looking to invigorate an established one, a brilliant and beautiful brand book is a must have.